Redeemer's Preschool and Childcare program has been respected in the Peoria Community for over 65 years. We believe that every child is a precious, unique gift from God.

Infant and Toddler Room

The first three years of life are critical when it comes to laying the groundwork and establishing good habits for years to come. Creating a lasting bond with the children in our care, and establishing a trusting relationship with them is further enhanced by creating significant relationships with their parents. At Redeemer you will find a safe and nurturing environment, with carefully planned programing that fosters the physical, cognitive, spiritual, social and emotional development of each child and family we serve.


We incorporate a wide variety of teaching methods and materials in our class rooms. Infants and toddlers learn directly through their senses while continually exploring their environment, and we have developed our weekly curriculum with this in mind. The core of our curriculum's focus is on sensory input experience. We regularly go outside, listen to a variety of music throughout the day, make art projects, sing silly songs, and read a lot of books. Our goal is to capitalize on every available teaching opportunity as we encourage our children’s natural curiosity and exploration of the world around them.



Peoria, Illinois Preschool & Childcare

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